We invest in IT project at early stages
in emerging markets
Venture Capital
Special Advisory Program for Startups in India, Indonesia, and the MENA Region
Apply for dedicated support to startups seeking to enter and scale in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and the MENA region.

Our team of 260 local advisors helps with marketing, hiring, and making first sales. After 3 months of active support, startups may be eligible to receive investments of up to $350,000.

Enrollment is currently open.
We invest our knowledge, time, network and funds in HR and EdTech startups
We chose to narrow down our focus to perfectly understand the trends and pains of the market you are entering
We work
as a syndicate until
We invest
in startups
Abous us
Why choose us?
We walked down a long path of building and scaling a startup

We are ready to be a guide - share knowledge and resources to shorten this path for you
Our dream which has become a reality is to be a reliable support for the innovators and the center of a strong and active growing community of founders, investors, experts and corporations
We are the guide for startup on its’ Hero’s Journey
Have you heard of it?
the difficulties every step of the journey
founder reveals their strengths and weaknesses
along the journey
he stays in touch with us
and help at any point
sharing vast expertise and network
Finished product
Finished product
Sales volume $5-10k per month
Sales volume $5-10k per month
Ambitions for the international market
Ambitions for the international market
Promising team
Promising team
Startup investment criteria
Steps to get funded
As soon as the project is ready and the team passes the test of time - we invest and help by attracting other investors to the funding round
We follow your success, traction, achievements, processes
We learn more about the team’s experience, discuss investment pitch and financial model
We give feedback, study indicators according to the vital criteria, ask questions and inspect the financial model
2-3 weeks to analyse the project and we are ready to make an investment decision - we either go straight to the legal part of the deal or stay in touch with the founder for the future
How much time does it take to receive funding?
Investment portfolio
How to contact us
Friendly intro - you are set up with someone from our community
Our regular events
Fill out the form and we will contact you within 7 days
Public expertise
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